Strip corrida: Raging bull tears man's underwear off (VIDEO)

Strip corrida: Raging bull tears man's underwear off (VIDEO)
An angry bull has ripped a corrida enthusiast’s underpants right off during a show in Zaragoza, Spain.

Possibly one of the most common nightmares of all times has become reality in this jaw-dropping video. 

This man had to face a crowd of onlookers with no undies on while a very angry bull was after him. 

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The video was posted by YouTube channel Planetatoro Toro on Monday. Crowds cheer as men jump over the fence to face an annoyed bull, but run back to safety as soon as the animal gets too close. 

Then halfway through the footage the bull goes for a man in a red shirt in the center of the arena, too far away from the safety of the fence, and reaches him. 

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The man’s clothes get caught on one of the bull’s horns, the crowd screams in amusement and fear while the beast drags his catch through the dust pulling his trousers and underpants off. 

Other men distract the bull from its bait and the semi-naked man manages to escape, flashing his privates to a cheering audience. He was presumably the butt of a few jokes.

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Then things go back to business: the bull continues chasing other men, but all manage to keep their clothes on. 

Despite the common belief, the color red isn’t what sets bulls off: it’s movement. They have no color preferences whatsoever and aggressively charge at anything that moves. 

Incidentally another video of a bull tearing a man’s pants off has been circling the internet and that man also wore a red T-shirt. 

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