Fluid magic: What happens when you mix water, effervescence and paint in space? (VIDEO)

© NASA Johnson
Simple rules of the color palette prevail even in space, NASA astronauts have shown in a video they recorded to test a brand new high-tech camera capable of recording at four times the resolution of regular high-definition cameras.

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The experiments carried out aboard the International Space Station (ISS) were not strictly scientific, however, but also a bit of entertainment. The latest footage – one of the first of its kind – has recently been released by NASA’s Johnson Center, and shows how peculiar merely coloring water turns out to be aboard the ISS.

It was shot with a RED 4K camera that NASA engineers at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama are evaluating for use in capturing science data and footage of vehicle operations.

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In zero gravity, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly made floating blobs of water and then turned them various colors – blue, red or green – by injecting dye into them. Once colored, the levitating balls of liquid also got to swallow effervescent tablets, causing them to burble and spit.