When animals attack… drones! (VIDEOS)

When animals attack… drones! (VIDEOS)
Drones have helped to capture some amazing shots of animal behavior. However, not all creatures are happy when these flying devices get a little too close for comfort - and often the drone can come off a little worse for wear…

This drone was well and truly “ram-raided” as it got a little too close to this hairy beast. The ram did not take well to the drone and neither to its owner, who was left scampering for safety as he tried to recover his device.

Labradors are famous around the globe for their ability to retrieve, which normally revolves around picking up and finding sticks and suchlike… However, one dog took things to a whole new level, retrieving a drone… 

This drone was looking to capture chimpanzees playing at a zoo in the Netherlands. However, these naughty monkeys had other ideas, taking a swing with a stick and sending the flying robot crashing down to the ground. 

This flying device had a lucky escape from the jaws of an agitated alligator. The huge reptile was eyeing up the drone for some time before going for a leap, but just missed.

Not all animals want to attack drones; others are more than happy just to play, such as this moose.