Trash for cash: Moscow's new rage room offers stress relief – at a price

The recently opened Debosh Project offers its customers an opportunity to de-stress – by trashing various kinds of rooms with a sledgehammer.

The anger room concept is growing in popularity worldwide and there already exists a rage room in Moscow. 

The Debosh Project offers a stylistic tweak to the idea, giving it a local touch. 

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You see typical cheap mid-century furniture and a Soviet interior must-have – the ever-present carpet on the wall. All of the objects are there for you to destroy. 

The general idea is simple: you pay money to walk into an environment where you can safely trash the space, smash plates and ruin furniture. 

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Moscow’s existing rage room offers such services starting at about $60, while a similar experience in Toronto would set you back just $20. 

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The new Debosh Project however stands out: with higher prices (starting at $160) they offer a more true-to-life experience and an a la carte service. For example, the website says it may be able to provide their clients with a real car to destroy.  

This manner of stress relief appears to be more expensive in Moscow than elsewhere. Trashing a living room with a TV set would cost you $40 in Texas, while entrepreneurs in the Russian capital are asking for $200 for a very similar display: old furniture and out-of-order home appliances. 

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Psychologists link rage to the inability to reach certain goals and agree that a build-up of frustration is dangerous for one’s mental health. Venting out in a guarded environment is seen as an alternative way to let off steam. However, entrepreneurs claim that rage rooms are a form of entertainment only, not a form of mental health therapy.

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