VIDEO: Russia strikes terrorists' command post, fuel depot & fortifications

© Russian Defence Ministry
The Russian military has released combat video of airstrikes hitting an Islamic State command post, fuel depot and fortifications in Syria.

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The footage shows airstrikes on a ISIS command point and fortifications near the Tamana village, Igor Konashenkov, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, told journalists.

“A precise hit on the terrorists’ fortifications led to the detonation of munitions and vehicles, causing a complete destruction of the stronghold,” he said.

A terrorist fuel depot near the town of Khan al-Assal was also razed to the ground.

Earlier, Konashenkov said that Russian warplanes hit 27 terrorist targets in the course of 22 sorties carried out in Syria overnight.

On September 30, Russia launched its Air Force anti-terror operation in Syria at the request of Assad’s government.