Deep purple: Cities across Russia illuminated by dazzling Northern Lights (PHOTOS)

Deep purple: Cities across Russia illuminated by dazzling Northern Lights (PHOTOS)
Stargazers across Russia were fascinated to observe the stunning display of colored lights called the Northern Lights, or auroras borealis, shimmering across the Earth’s night skies.

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This time social media has been flooded with photos and videos of skies of bright greens, violets and pinks across Russia.

And not only astronomy lovers in Murmansk or Norilsk, where auroras are a common event, were able to watch the ethereal display of lights from their balconies and windows.


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Cities in western Russia such as Yaroslavl and Kirov also embraced the beauty of dazzling auroras, which are very rare in their regions. People in Novosibirsk in Siberia noticed that the Sun “is not calm” this time as the “natural miracle” reached their city.

Russia’s northern capital, St. Petersburg, was also illuminated by the splendid lights. Aurora- seekers rushed to their bicycles and rode to the Gulf of Finland, where the lights were clearly seen, just to capture the phenomenon despite a cold October night.

"In the last 10 hours the sun was super-active, and there were emissions of solar material on the Earth,” Georgy Goncharov, a lead researcher at the Pulkovo Observatory, told Russian media on Wednesday ahead of the spectacular event.

The auroras are triggered by interactions between Earth’s magnetic field and charged particles sent toward us by explosions in the Sun’s atmosphere.

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The spectacular phenomenon is often observed in the Arctic Ocean regions and appears as a curtain of lights. However, sometime the night canvas is seen to be full of arcs or spirals, often following the lines of force in the Earth’s magnetic field. Most are green in color with traces of pink, red, violet and white.

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