Need a push? French policemen criticized after scooting disabled man home with patrol car

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It may have seemed like a good deed, but two French policemen are under fire after a video emerged on Facebook which showed them pushing a man's broken electric wheelchair along a road with their patrol car.

The video – which has received over 200,000 views online – has managed to garner both giggles and media attention. But senior officers weren't as impressed after seeing the footage, and launched disciplinary action against the policemen.

Les dépanneurs en folie... A Barcarès !!!

Posted by Vidéo délire on 7 сентября 2015 г.

A spokesman for the local police union has called the action “unacceptable” and a “discredit to the entire profession.”

However, the officers said the man had wanted the push, and that he refused to get out of his wheelchair when it broke down on the side of the road, The Local reported.

The man's family have backed that claim.

"My father is stubborn, he wouldn't have got off," the disabled man's daughter told L'Indépendant newspaper. She also said the officers should be rewarded, rather than punished.

"Everything these officers did was for the best, our father is safe and sound, we are totally satisfied,” she said.

The video was filmed by another driver, who found the situation quite hilarious, in the southwestern town of Leucate.