Backyard bandit: 'Rocksy' the raccoon knocks on door when she wants food (VIDEO)

Backyard bandit: 'Rocksy' the raccoon knocks on door when she wants food (VIDEO)
It seems there's a good reason that raccoons are known as 'backyard bandits.' One particularly ravenous raccoon is making headlines for her hilarious technique of stealing cat food off a back porch, and knocking at the door when the bowl is empty.

A video posted on Live Leak shows the adorable animal knocking at the door of a house because she has stolen all the cat food and the bowl is now empty. It may seem a bit rude – but at least she's knocking, right?

However, the black-and-white intruder doesn't knock with her paws. Instead, she picks up a rock, rolling it on the sliding glass door. And this is why she's called 'Rocksy’.

According to the woman behind the camera, this is a normal occurrence – and one that is quite welcome, even though Rocksy has managed to scratch the glass door with her rocks.

“I love her so much, she's so funny. She does this all the time...she's so good at it, too,” the narrator says.

She continues to explain that Rocksy is nursing and trying to get food for her babies, who are back in their den.

So, Rocksy, the award for the world's most innovative raccoon goes to you. May you and your babies have a long and healthy life, filled with lots and lots of cat food.