Topless FEMEN activists disrupt Muslim conference in France (VIDEO)

Topless FEMEN activists disrupt Muslim conference in France (VIDEO)
Two topless FEMEN activists disrupted a Muslim conference taking place in Pontoise northwest of Paris. Jumping up onto the stage and forcing two imams to leave, they briefly shouted slogans until security dragged them off.

“Nobody makes me submit,” said the message painted on the breasts of the unnamed women.

The video also shows a man kicking one of the activists as she is lying on the floor.

FEMEN was founded in Ukraine in 2008 and is now based in Paris. The organization is known for its extravagant and controversial topless protests. They describe their ideology with three –isms: sextremism (female sexuality against patriarchy), atheism, and feminism.

The group has conducted a number of naked attacks in different countries, including Ukraine, France, Sweden, and even Tunisia.

On May 1, FEMEN activists disrupted Marine Le Pen’s May Day speech at a rally hosted by France’s National Front party in Paris, calling her a fascist.

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One of the movement’s most scandalous protests occurred in January 2013, when half-naked women with an “In Gay We Trust” slogan written over their topless bodies, disrupted the Angelus blessing of Pope Benedict XVI in St Peter’s Square in the Vatican, screaming “Homophobes shut up.”