Shocking videos show 3yo girl making Nazi salutes, pledging to ‘knife Russians'

Shocking videos show 3yo girl making Nazi salutes, pledging to ‘knife Russians'
Isn't it adorable to watch an enthusiastic toddler doing what her big brother asks her to? Probably not, if she is making Nazi salutes, saying she would gladly knife Russians or impersonating an Islamist fighter brandishing a big knife in her hand.

There are at least two provocative videos with the girl, who is called Marianna by the man who took the footage, posted on social networks. The first was published in mid-June but passed largely unnoticed by the western mainstream media. The second, released this week, merited reporting in British newspapers such as the Daily Mail and the Mirror.

In the videos, the lively, joyful girl wearing a Hello Kitty T-shirt is shown yelping “I will cut Rusnia” [a derogatory term for Russians] encouraged by the cameraman. She is also giving the notorious Nazi salute, stretching up her arm and saying “Seig Heil!” for the camera.

In the second video, she does what she does in front of various Nazi symbols shown on a computer monitor. Those include a Ukrainian flag with a swastika on a white circle on it.

The latest piece also has fragments of the little girl impersonating an Islamist fighter, shouting “Allahu Akbar,” the phrase that is used by all Muslims to pronounce their faith but mostly associated by the Western public with Islamist terrorism. In that part, the computer screen shows the flag of terrorist group Islamic State and IS promotional footage.

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The videos originate from a social network page of a man calling himself Mikola Makhno, most likely a pseudonym, considering that he shares his surname with Nestor Makhno, the famous Ukrainian anarchist and communist military commander, who took control of large parts of Ukrainian territory after the Russian Empire was shattered by the Bolshevik revolution.

Mikola Makhno is believed to be Marianna's brother and claims to be a Ukrainian nationalist with ties to the Ukrainian security forces. On his social network page, he claimed he made the videos to show Russians that “there is a new generation growing in Ukraine, bred on the war and hatred of Katsaps [another degenerative term for Russians] and in 10 years it will wipe out the Katsaps.”

The hate videos sparked widespread condemnation online. The use of a small child in propaganda was compared by some commentators to what the Islamic State does. A video purported to be produced by ISIS showed a baby-faced boy beheading a stuffed bear.

Both Ukrainian videos were viewed by hundreds of thousands of people before they were taken down by the network.