Underground war? New Hamas propaganda video shows allegedly rebuilt Gaza tunnels

Underground war? New Hamas propaganda video shows allegedly rebuilt Gaza tunnels
An underground tunnel network in the Gaza Strip allegedly constructed by Hamas can be seen in a new propaganda video released this week. The cross-border passages system used in the fight against Israeli forces was believed to have been destroyed last year.

The four and a half minutes clip published by the group’s Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades military wing allegedly shows Hamas militants fighting against Israel Defense Forces (IDF), destroying mockups of IDF army posts and pretending to kill Israeli soldiers.

What looks like the group's extensive network of tunnels can be seen in the video, with the Hamas militants performing their activities both under and on the ground. Several heavily-armed fighters in camouflage can be seen in combat, as well as resting in a reinforced tunnel and praying.

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The clip also shows the militants emerging from beneath the ground at enemy positions, destroying buildings and what appears to be an IDF tank with rocket launchers. Hamas members gathering intelligence and helping fellow wounded fighters is also depicted in the video.

The tunnel infrastructure in the Gaza Strip was believed to have been largely destroyed by Israeli forces last year, during the controversial Operation Protective Edge. In July 2014, Israel intensified its campaign against Hamas, having carried out an open-ended assault on several fronts, with the underground tunnels into Israel among its primary targets.

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In June, Hamas underground tunnels were featured in a short cartoon mocking foreign reporting on Gaza produced by Israel’s Foreign Ministry. Slammed by international media for being poor in taste, the clip described the tunnels as a "fascinating attempt by Hamas to build a subway system."

Propaganda videos showing Hamas activities against Israeli forces have been long published on social media. Their opponent, the Israel Defense Forces, also has an official YouTube channel publishing "operational footage as well as videos that showcase IDF soldiers and missions."