Not killer’s day: Gun malfunctions, murderer gets stuck in elevator with victim

Not killer’s day: Gun malfunctions, murderer gets stuck in elevator with victim
It all went wrong from the start for one attempted murderer. He followed a girl into elevator and tried to shoot her, but the gun malfunctioned and a strangling attempt also failed due to an electricity blackout.

This fortunate coincidence of power cut and gun not working meant the would-be killer was thwarted in his attempt and nabbed by the cops at the same time.

The ‘bad guy’ had waylaid his potential victim, a woman of 25, near her home in the Russian southern city of Krasnodar and followed her to the elevator, where he tried to shoot her but, due to the pistol malfunctioning because of a homemade silencer, the bullet only scratched the young woman.

The frustrated killer then decided to beat the girl. Unfortunately for him, right at that time the power in the whole city district went out, trapping the victim and the killer in a dark lift cage, so his second murder attempt also faded to black.

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Additionally, as the girl was crying for help, the clamor and noise in the lift cage drew the attention of the girl’s neighbors who called the police. They arrived shortly and arrested the unlucky hitman.

The man was charged with attempted murder and possession of a firearm. The police are now investigating the incident.

“Thanks to the effective actions of the police officers and a happy fortune, the suspect was arrested. He was a local man, 31, armed with a pistol with six bullets and a self-made silencer,” a spokesperson in the Krasnodar police press-service told Interfax.

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Investigators believe the suspect was living with a woman who had had a conflict with the victim when they had been working together, the local police press service told Interfax.

The hitman’s lover had recently found several photos of the would-be victim in social networks depicting the latter next to an expensive car.

The woman allegedly showed the photos to her partner. The man decided to take revenge that ended up in an epic fail.