Putin makes Kyrgyz girl's wish come true, gives rare dog as gift

© Tabuldu Kadyurbekov
A Kyrgyz schoolgirl received a 6-month-old Newfoundland puppy from the Russian President as a gift. She had asked him for the animal in an email during the annual Direct Line on April 16, 2015.

Dasha Yaitskaya said she wanted a dog of that exact breed. There were none in Kyrgyzstan, and it was impossible for her family to bring such a pooch from abroad.

"That’s true! We received a letter addressed to the president from the girl, saying her family couldn’t afford to buy the dog," the president’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told TASS on Thursday. 

© Tabuldu Kadyurbekov

The girl’s parents weren’t aware that their daughter had written to the president about her wish and were surprised to see the puppy. They nevertheless extended a warm welcome to the new family member.

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The dog was bred in a nursery in neighboring Kazakhstan, and was handed to the schoolgirl by the Russian ambassador in the Kyrgyz Republic, Andrey Krutko.

© Tabuldu Kadyurbekov

Dasha says she once saw a picture of Vladimir Putin with a dog and assumed he loved animals. She had always dreamed of owning a Newfoundland and now her dream has come true, according to TASS.

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Even though the puppy had already been named Max, the schoolgirl decided to give him another name: Dar, which means “gift”.

© Tabuldu Kadyurbekov

Vladimir Putin is known for his love for animals and this is not the first gift of this kind from the Russian leader. In June, he sent a Labrador puppy to a girl in Tula. The region’s governor personally handed the dog over to her.