Canadian police give (blank) ticket to 3yo ‘ruthless biker’ for bad, bad parking (PHOTO)

Canadian police give (blank) ticket to 3yo ‘ruthless biker’ for bad, bad parking (PHOTO)
In a crime-prevention fit, Canadian police have handed over a ticket to a 3-year-old “ruthless biker” who “illegally parked” his red plastic motorcycle. The ticket was blank, but the picture posted by the officers has bein seized on by ‘netizens’.

The incident happened in the city of Halifax in Nova Scotia province, eastern Canada. A 3-year-old Declan Tramley, riding his apparently also uninsured, high-speed motorbike, was stopped by Halifax Const. Shawn Currie who saw that the toddler had “illegally parked” his plastic vehicle.

The officer decided to have a little fun - he bent down and issued a fine which was, of course a fake, to the “careless driver”.

"This one young fellow comes down, he brings his little motorcycle down and he parked it just like the big motorcycles. We thought it would be funny to go over and I pretended to write a ticket for him ... it just created all kinds of atmosphere," Currie told CBC news.

Declan’s amused father took a photo of his boy with his hand on his head and embarrassed look. The loving dad then sent the picture to police.

"Remember, no motorcycle parking in the circle by the ferry terminal. This ruthless biker was caught yesterday," Halifax Police wrote on Twitter.

Currie says that "it was just perfect timing” when the toddler put his hand on his head.

As of Friday the post was shared more than 2,000 times and gathered more than 22,000 likes on Facebook.

"It's something so simple. It's stuff that I do every day, just meeting people, talking to people and taking pictures every day. I don't expect things to be this big. It was cute," Currie said.

Anyway, the ticket for the ‘young offender’ was blank, no sum of money or other punishment was written on it.

"This was all just in good humor. The three-year-old, he doesn't understand it. For him it's just meeting a police officer. I gave him a shoulder patch too," Currie said.

The toddle, meanwhile, appears to really fancy his fine.

“He loves his ticket (now),” Tramley’s mother Lisa told CTV news. “He tried to go to bed with his ticket.”