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4 Jul, 2015 18:11

‘Police Academy’ moves to Ukraine? New patrol in Kiev takes oath in stylish uniforms (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

‘Police Academy’ moves to Ukraine? New patrol in Kiev takes oath in stylish uniforms (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Two thousand members of a new patrol in Kiev’s police force took their oaths of office in a ceremony attended top Ukrainian politicians and US ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt. They also sported uniforms and cars that quickly caught with social media users.

President Petro Poroshenko came to address the new force which he sees as a symbol of his country’s reforms.

“You will risk your health and even life, but the danger is not where bullets are flying, it’s where banknotes are rustling,” the president said at the ceremony, as the officers lined up in the square. “You are the living evidence of the fundamental change in our country.”

Kiev’s mayor, Vitaly Klitscho, then took the stage and unexpectedly donned a service cap. Footage caught Poroshenko and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk standing behind him giggling, as the former boxing champ addressed the crowd.

However, it was the new patrol’s uniform that led to a lively exchange of opinions on social media. Users pointed out that the police outfit looks much like the uniforms worn by the actors in the 80s comedy franchise Police Academy.

новая форма. #Киев #Украина #Милиция #формаpic.twitter.com/EA2iYgRF0k

— ANKOR (DenisIvanko) (@DenisIvanko) July 3, 2015

There may be some reason to it, too. The outfit is produced by the California-based 5.11 Tactical clothing brand.

The uniforms are said to be versatile, Teflon-coated and water-repellent. During the presentation, which took place earlier this week, one of the officers described the uniform as “very comfortable… you don’t feel warm in it in summer and don’t feel cold during the winter.”

@MisterHut Кадр со съемок фильма "Полицейская академия-8" (Киев,Украина) pic.twitter.com/wqEtAW5pKg

— Константин Петров (@kmp3107) July 4, 2015



точно. надо в Киев! или осенью в Одессу ) и пересмотреть "Полицейскую академию". Новая форма милиции в Украине: pic.twitter.com/WecQHWCqI2

— Anton Motolko (@Motolko) July 4, 2015