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28 Jun, 2015 01:44

5.6 quake rocks India's Assam, felt in Bangladesh, Nepal

5.6 quake rocks India's Assam, felt in Bangladesh, Nepal

A 5.6 magnitude earthquake has struck some 23km from the Indian city of Basugaon in the northeastern state of Assam. The moderate, shallow earthquake was also reportedly felt in neighboring Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

The 10km deep quake struck shortly after 1:00am GMT on Sunday, with the epicentre reported to have been 23km north of Basugaon, according to USGS.

M5.6 #earthquake hits 23km N of Basugaon, India at 1:05 GMT on Sunday (USGS) pic.twitter.com/SAYtmbfkcV

— CCTVNEWS (@cctvnews) June 28, 2015

Tremors were felt across the eastern parts of India, as well as Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal, according to the Times of India.

No casualties or damages were immediately reported, with witnesses describing the quake as "short but strong."

#earthquake felt in #Bhutan. Early reports say 5.4 in Assam, India http://t.co/CSNIXPv8G2http://t.co/YacDrlhixzpic.twitter.com/SWomCCBtNu

— Sarah Cahlan (@SarahCahlan) June 28, 2015

Earthquakes in the Himalaya region occur due to the convergence of the Indian and Eurasian plates. The relative rate of this underthrusting is 40-50 mm a year, which makes the area one of the most seismically dangerous regions on the planet.