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25 Jun, 2015 07:06

Russian air carrier gets tiger stripes, unveils new Boeing livery (VIDEO)

Transaero Airlines is jumping onboard in a bid to save Siberian tigers. The Russian airline has unveiled the ‘Siberian Tiger’ livery on its Boeing 747-400, designed to raise awareness of the endangered animals’ plight at home and abroad.

The Siberian (Amur) tiger population has been under threat in their native land. Over 95 percent live in Russia’s Far East. However, a program by WWF-Russia and the Amur Tiger Center under the supervision of the Russian president has managed to stabilize numbers to 510-514 individuals over the last decade, according to the latest census.

Тигроинг, Котэбоинг, Киса - этот борт уже получил от вас много смешных и милых имен. Сегодня хотим вам показать, как проходил процесс перевоплощения Boeing 747 в амурского тигра!Posted by ТРАНСАЭРО on Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Recognizing there’s still a long way to go, Transaero says it wishes to “draw attention of the international and Russian public to the issues of environmental protection and conservation of rare and endangered species.”

The airline also says a concerted, international approach is the only way forward, as it presented its joint motto with the Amur Tiger Center: ‘Let’s save nature together.’

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In-flight entertainment will closely match the striped mood, with passengers being able to access documentaries produced by the Center under the flag of its recent conservations efforts.