At least 16 injured after bus, train collide in Cairns, Australia

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A train on the Kuranda Scenic Railway collided with a bus near Cairns in Australia this afternoon. Sixteen people on the bus - staff from a local company - were injured.

According to reports, there were 22 employees from the Endeavour Foundation on the bus. All of them survived the incident that occurred around 4pm local time on Draper Street in Cairns’ Portsmith neighborhood. The Courrier Mail cited Tracy Bellero, a passenger on the bus, as saying: “It was a big bang, it was horrible.”

Paramedics working at the scene treated several passengers with serious head injuries. One man was stretchered to hospital, screaming in pain.

The collision occurred on a railway crossing in the city. At the moment, the crossing and parts of Draper Street remained blocked by police, and drivers are asked to make a detour.