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Bark to life: Colombian cops rescue dog from mudslide, perform mouth-to-mouth (VIDEO)

Bark to life: Colombian cops rescue dog from mudslide, perform mouth-to-mouth (VIDEO)
A dramatic rescue has been caught on camera as Colombian police officers risked their lives to save a dog that fell into the flash-flood swollen river, performing a CPR on the animal to make it breathe again.

The police acted immediately when they spotted a small dog struggling in the muddy water of the Liboriana River in the mudslide-hit northwest mountain region of Salgar, footage released by RUPTLY video agency on Thursday showed.

The helpless animal bobbed in and out, being smashed upon the rocks as the rapid stream was carrying it away.

“Jump in! Jump in!” one of the officers shouted, with his colleague stepping into the water and grabbing the dog, despite nearly being swept away himself.

Once back on shore, the policemen gave the pup a mouth-to-mouth as he had ingested too much water and couldn’t breathe.

Despite picking up injuries and bruises, the lucky dog is now expected to make a full recovery.

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The police encountered the animal in distress while searching for survivors in a deadly landslide, which was caused by heavy rains on Monday.

Seventy-eight people have died and over a hundred remain unaccounted for in what became Columbia’s worst natural disaster in over a decade.