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Russian Avenger: Woman chases 3 robbers solo, hands 2 over to police

Russian Avenger: Woman chases 3 robbers solo, hands 2 over to police
Witnessing a woman pushed out of a car on to the street in a clear robbery attempt, a young Siberian woman made a quick decision. After chasing the offenders, she managed to block their car and eventually hand them over to police.

The incident happened in a city of Novosibirsk, southwestern part of Siberia, on May 12, local police said on their website Wednesday. Lyudmila Makhmudova was driving when she saw a woman being thrown out of another vehicle.

Later, it turned out that the victim had hitched a late-night ride, police said. Three men in the car robbed her then ditched her on the street, not even stopping the vehicle. The woman sustained a minor injury in the fall, police added.

Unluckily for them, Lyudmila was driving along the same street.

The witness immediately called the police to report the incident. But she didn’t stop with that, fearlessly chasing the trio in her car and managing to block their passage.

Lyudmila Makhmudova (still from mvd.ru)

It remains unclear how the young woman managed to persuade three rampant criminals to return to the scene of the assault and give back the stolen goods, but she did – and two of them were handed over to police.

“The heroine remains modestly silent about her methods of persuasion, but the criminal trio had fulfilled all the demands when police arrived," said a police statement.

“They followed me. Proudly and humbly,” Lyudmila said in an interview. The officers who arrived at the scene arrested the driver of the car and one of the passengers. The men didn’t fight back and claimed they were innocent. However, the investigation showed they were involved. The third suspect managed to escape.

The Siberian ‘Avenger’ has been awarded with a gratitude letter from the authorities and a gift as reward for her courageous actions.