First-hand accounts: Ask your questions in RT-hosted chat with WWII veterans at Google+ Hangout

Still from RT video
Would you like to talk to the participants of the bloodiest war in history? To ask them about the hardships they had to endure, or thank them for what they have done for victory over Nazism?

On Friday May 9, RT will be hosting an online chat with two surviving World War II veterans who fought for the Allied forces. Now in their nineties, they had to face the horrors of war at a very young age.

Join RT's Google+ Hangout or Youtube channel at 13:00 GMT on May 9 for a live conversation with the war heroes. We will also be taking your questions on Twitter under the hashtag #AskVeteran.

For more personal accounts of the War, check out our special project dedicated to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany, which details the Soviet Union's struggle from 1941-45 and features wartime letters and photographs from both sides of the trenches.