Turkish Airlines flight makes emergency landing in Casablanca

Turkish Airlines flight makes emergency landing in Casablanca
A Turkish Airlines jet flying from Istanbul to Sao Paulo, Brazil, made an emergency landing in Casablanca, Morocco, after a note with a bomb threat on it was found in the plane’s toilet, reports say.

A note was reportedly found in the toilet, with the word 'Bomb' written on it, the Turkish Airlines press office said.

The AirLive.net Twitter account, which shares aviation news, said that the TK15 jet reportedly landed safely at Casablanca.

The Boeing 777 with 256 passengers on board landed in the North African city at about 12:30 GMT.

Police teams searched the entire cargo but didn’t find any bombs.

According to Moroccan aviation authorities, Casablanca Airport was operating normally after the incident.

On Saturday, Turkish Airlines flight TK-52 from Istanbul to Tokyo, Japan, had to return to Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport after a bomb threat. A message said that in the jet’s lavatory there was “C4 cargo,” in an apparent reference to the well-known plastic explosive C4.