In the shadow of the moon: Spectacular plane’s view of the solar eclipse (VIDEO)

Still from Youtube video by Sylvain Chapeland
The most surreal view of the solar eclipse was shared in a recently posted timelapse video showing a plane flying into the moon’s shadow on March 20.

The stunning video was shot 14 km above the Earth as the plane flew at a speed of 950 km/h.

The view from the plane’s window reveals the creeping shadow of the moon as the total solar eclipse begins.

The video has been speeded up for effect, with the darkness catching up to the plane, leaving viewers blown away by a racing shadow across their screens.

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On March 20, people across Europe and other parts of the world gazed with awe at a rare type

of solar eclipse, which coincided with other celestial events such as the Spring Equinox and a supermoon.

The next simultaneous solar eclipse and Vernal Equinox is not expected to occur until 2034.