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30 Jan, 2015 01:27

​27 killed in Egypt’s Sinai attacks, ISIS affiliate claims responsibility

​27 killed in Egypt’s Sinai attacks, ISIS affiliate claims responsibility

An Egyptian extremist group that pledged loyalty to the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a series of deadly attacks in Sinai, which killed at least 27 people and injured dozens more.

The first attack in North Sinai on Thursday was a bombing that apparently targeted a military HQ and a hotel. At least 25 people were killed and almost 60 injured – including civilians – local security and medical services said.

MORE: Fire exchanges continue in rafah following attacks in N #Sinai, at least 20 dead and 50 injured @ILNewsAlertspic.twitter.com/d0UlLygOkX

— Conflict News (@rConflictNews) January 29, 2015

The violence continued with the assassination of an army major at a checkpoint in Rafah. Six others were injured in the raid. Another assault on a checkpoint south of Al-Arish wounded four soldiers, Reuters reported.

Later in the day, a roadside bomb killed at least one police officer in Suez city.

BREAKING PHOTO: Multiple attacks by Ansa Beit Al Maqdis terror group on Egypt -ian military sites in Rafah in Sinai pic.twitter.com/ASBoV2XQHA

— Israel News Alerts (@ILNewsAlerts) January 29, 2015

READ MORE: Egyptian jihadist group pledges allegiance to ISIS

The group, calling itself the Sinai Province of Islamic State, claimed responsibility for the attacks in a series of tweets. Previously known as Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, the group pledged allegiance to ISIS last November.

BREAKING VIDEO: Attack on soldiers in the Sinai #Egypt tonight - @michaelh992@ILNewsAlertshttps://t.co/kVBI2FNvU9pic.twitter.com/M0ku5mIZRB

— Conflict News (@rConflictNews) January 29, 2015

The Sinai province – which is located in Egypt's remote desert region and borders the Gaza Strip, Israel and the Suez Canal – has been facing an Islamist insurgency which has claimed the lives of hundreds of security officers in the region.