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20 Jan, 2015 22:51

Father figure: Doctor saves his son’s life by jumping from 7th floor to escape fire

Father figure: Doctor saves his son’s life by jumping from 7th floor to escape fire

A 34-year-old man, who works as a trauma surgeon at a Moscow hospital, knows only too well what jumping from the 7th floor could lead to... However, he and his little son had no other escape, when a fire broke out in their apartment.

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Mikhail Abrosimov and his family were fast asleep when a fire broke out in their apartment in the west of Moscow over the weekend. A Christmas tree, decorated with fairy lights fell, causing a short circuit, which led to the fire - Russian media sources reported, citing relatives.

Mikhail woke up first and after his attempts to put out the flames failed, he carried his wife Ekaterina to safety to the staircase, and came back for their 4-year-old son Arseny, who became scared and was hiding somewhere inside the apartment. By the time he found the boy, the whole of the flat was engulfed in flames, cutting all possible ways of getting to the door.

The man, who works as a trauma surgeon at the local hospital, had no choice left but to jump from the seventh floor window. He used his upper body as an airbag to protect his son. The farther landed on a lawn beside the house.

Спасая сына из огня, столичный врач выпрыгнул с седьмого этажа http://t.co/iPNB5vX19G #москваpic.twitter.com/EzrI7qVfQg

— Комсомольская правда (@onlinekpru) January 19, 2015

Both Mikhail and his son received serious injuries, but doctors said that the father and his child will both live. Mikhail is in critical but stable condition, and will require numerous operations, his relatives and friends said. "He made such a risky decision, but otherwise they would have had no chance getting out of there," the man’s mother told Komsomolskaya Pravda daily.

Firefighters evacuated more than 20 people from the ensuing blaze. Several families were hospitalized, while two women died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The story of the hero-father has gone viral in Russia, with many people who have never met the family and some of the doctor’s former patients offering their support after the Abrosimovs family lost everything in the fire. However, due to Mikhail’s brave actions, they managed to keep their most important possession – their son.