America’s Surveillance State: Docu-series exposes NSA’s long reach

Screenshot from America’s Surveillance State promo video
A six-part documentary showing how US intelligence agencies have penetrated all spheres of public – and private – life with their unchecked activities, enabled by huge budgets and unmatched technology, airs on RT.

“This surveillance state is widely seen as a threat to privacy and freedom inside the United States, and between the United States of America and other states that oppose the use of cyberwar techniques to monitor and undermine their own sovereignty,” producer and presenter DannySchechter, who won two Emmys for his work for 20/20, told RT.

The third half-hour episode in the series – in which Schechterventures into America’s leading newsrooms, and finds fear, corruption and dubious ethics – will air on 28 January, at 07:30, 11:30 and 15:30 GMT.