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22 Dec, 2014 19:00

Femen branch pelts Belgian PM with chips and mayo (VIDEO)

Femen branch pelts Belgian PM with chips and mayo (VIDEO)

The Belgian Prime Minister has been showered with chips and mayonnaise by three former Femen protesters angry at government austerity and the “criminalization of the poor”.

39 year-old Charles Michele, the youngest Belgian Prime Minister ever, was about to start addressing an audience at a business conference in the city of Namur when the three female protesters struck.

Michele took a pasting from soggy fries and mayo, one of Belgium’s national dishes, by Feminist group LilthS, the renamed Belgian branch of Femen, who said they were protesting against budget cuts and the “criminalization of the poor.”

“The Belgian people can’t be left with Chips and Sauce austerity. That is why we threw a symbol of the Belgium they are dismantling in their face,” said a statement on the group’s Facebook page.

But Michele managed to keep a wry smile on his face throughout the stunt and later resumed his speech, although without his jacket.

The #Belgian Prime Minister #CharlesMichel was today pelted in #Namur#Namen with fries and mayonnaise by #LilithS. pic.twitter.com/MdxIy9lPkL

— ♡ Cᴇʀᴇzᴀ ♡ (@CerezaAnon) December 22, 2014

Michele took office in October and is in charge of Belgium’s center-right coalition government as well as the former leader of the liberal Reformist Movement party.

His spokesman said he would not press charges.