Off the rails: Mystery man steals, crashes Moscow train

Off the rails: Mystery man steals, crashes Moscow train
Why steal a car when you can jack a whole train? A man in the Moscow Region did just that, crashing the locomotive into the nearby carriage of another train and causing destruction on the rails.

The incident happened in the town of Lobnya on Tuesday night, the press service of Moscow Railways told the local media.

“An unidentified man penetrated into the train driver’s cab at Lobnya Railway Depot, started driving the train and then disappeared,” the company’s statement said.

The hijacker then lost control of the train and the moving vehicle crashed into another train, according to a preliminary investigation.

The first carriage of the hijacked train was badly damaged and the train which was ‘rammed’ was derailed and slightly damaged.

“The person then disappeared from the crime scene,” added Moscow Railways.

Nobody was killed or injured in the incident, which didn’t affect train operations.

Transport police are currently searching for the ‘train driver’ with police dogs.

On January 1, 2013, a 30-year-old man decided to hijack a train while intoxicated in the city of Mytishchi, Moscow Region. He crashed into another train carting gasoline. The damage bill ran to more than 2 million rubles ($48 837).