Tear gas, clashes as anti-nationalist rally in N. Italy turns violent (VIDEO)

Tear gas, clashes as anti-nationalist rally in N. Italy turns violent (VIDEO)
Hundreds of people took to the streets of Bologna at a rally against the far-right Forza Nuova party, who ran a counter-protest the same day. At least four people were injured in clashes between protesters and police as the rival protests met.

The rally denouncing Forza Nuova (New Force) gathered some 500 demonstrators who marched through the city carrying a banner “Bologna free and anti-fascist."

Forza Nuova is an Italian far-right political party opposing homosexual marriage and illegal immigration. Back in May, members of Forza Nuova protested against swimming pools for Muslims.

Around 250 of the party supporters staged a counter-protest in Bologna on the anti-fascists’ route. Their slogan was “Italians first.”

As the two demonstrations met in a central square, scuffles broke out with protesters throwing eggs, bottles and firecrackers at their rivals and the police.

Law enforcers responded with smoke bombs and tear gas. The violence made numerous passers-by leave the popular square in panic, according to various reports in Italian media.

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At least four policemen were injured in the clashes, reported the Il Fatto Emilia Romagna newspaper. One of them was wounded in the chest and was taken to hospital. It’s not yet clear which side – anti-fascist or pro-Forza Nuova, wounded him. One protester was arrested.