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25 Sep, 2014 00:25

Kiss my shiny metal car! 21yo student stuns London with 1 mn Swarovski crystals on her Mercedes

A Merc completely covered in Swarovski crystals, belonging to a 21-year-old student from Moldova, has been grabbing headlines in the UK. But Daria Radionova tells RT she’s actually offended that the media is underestimating the cost of her pimped-up ride.

Traffic in central London has been frequently disrupted in the past few days – with both drivers and pedestrians stopping to take a butcher’s at a crystal-encrusted Mercedes parked in the posh Knightsbridge district. Even those used to supercars in the neighborhood, often flown in for a random weekend from Arab states, are stunned.

As it turns out, Radionova is originally from Chisinau, the capital of Moldova in Eastern Europe, and her parents are "businesspeople." But to most Londoners, she represents "rich Russians."

According to the girl, the car has become the center of attention, with passers-by copping a feel and even "kissing it."

Daria said she did not expect her car to cause such a stir. She was especially surprised with all the negative comments and said she didn't mean to harm her "Russian" image.

"I didn't think there would be so many negative comments about it, as I've done it for a good purpose. I want to spend money for charity! I'll put the car up for auction and sell it – all for a good reason," she told RT, adding that she has "always been up for charity" and has made "a lot of videos" for good causes.

@DailyMirror yet more proof that money doesn't buy taste

— Paul Duroe (@Rampagingdeath) September 23, 2014

Things rich people do: Blanket their luxury Mercedes in Swarovski crystals http://t.co/smQwS1OiMfpic.twitter.com/IgVpyTNh8Z

— Peter Gelling (@petergelling) September 24, 2014

In an interview with Russia’s daily Komsomolskaya Pravda, Radionova, who seems to be enjoying all the media attention, said she would donate the money to homeless pet shelters in her native Chisinau. "I've reached a new level and my help can be more solid," she told the newspaper.

"It was a present for my birthday,” the young woman told RT. “It belongs to me. I can do whatever I want with my present, so I will just put it up for auction.”

This #Mercedes CLS 350 is covered in more than 1 million Swarovski crystals. How do you wash it? #firstworldproblemspic.twitter.com/8drbBg3BUn

— NEVO Driving Academy (@NEVODRIVING) September 24, 2014

The UK media were not so impressed with the jewel-studded car at a time of recession and economic hardship, it seems. "At £25,000 (around $41,000) many would consider the Mercedes CLS 350 an extravagance in itself," The Daily Mail wrote. But Radionova was offended with the newspaper’s low estimate.

"I've spent around £20,000 [$32,600] for crystals and about £15,000 [$24,500] for the people who've done it to the car. But the total price of the car is higher than The Daily Mail said! I can't say exactly how much it is, because it was a present from my parents, but it should be a lot," she told RT.

Radionova said the pimping up was carried out by a team of specialists from Russia. They worked on her car for two months, and she covered all their expenses, including airfares and accommodation, she said.