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22 Jun, 2014 17:25

It’s a boy! US exchange student rescued from giant stone vagina in Germany

It’s a boy! US exchange student rescued from giant stone vagina in Germany

The German fire services had to be called out in force to rescue a US exchange student from a giant marble vagina, located in a southwestern university town, after he crawled inside for a dare.

On Friday afternoon, the Tübingen firefighters received the emergency call: 'A person is trapped in a stone-vulva!' Twenty-two firefighters and a grand total of five vehicles had to rush to his aid to pull him out of the 120,000-euro sculpture, reported Schwäbisches Tagblatt.

Photo by Erik Guzman / imgur
The rescue was successfully undertaken, namely “by hand and without the use of equipment” – presumably forceps.

The student had apparently climbed in for a dare, according to local reports. One, likely very unreliable local newspaper declared that: “the young man felt the sculpture of the female vagina to be so attractive that he literally disappeared into it”.

However, others suggested it was merely a photo opportunity. “I was there!!! He just wanted to take a funny picture“ imgur user Erick Guzman wrote. “The fire department was not really amused, and he was really embarrassed,” he added.

‘Pi-Chacán’ or ‘Chacán-Pi’ was designed by internationally acclaimed Germany-based Peruvian artist Fernando de la Jara and was erected at the university some 13 years ago. The name means “making love” in Peruvian Indian. The statue is located in Tübingen, southwest Germany, at Tübingen University’s Institute for Microbiology.

Some online commenters inevitably facetiously accused the student of statutory rape, while others resorted to more traditional “your mom” jokes.

Others suggested installing a sign instructing pilgrims to the statue not to play inside the vagina.

Photo by Erik Guzman / imgur