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9 May, 2014 23:35

Citizens block APCs shooting their way through Mariupol (VIDEOS)

Citizens block APCs shooting their way through Mariupol (VIDEOS)

Civilians in Mariupol celebrated Victory Day showing the same degree of heroism their grandparents did during the Nazi invasion, as they stood barehanded against armored vehicles sent by Kiev. They even managed to capture one APC from the invaders.

You will not pass was the general message of brave Mariupol citizens when they, using their bare-hands, tried to stop a Ukrainian armored personnel carrier by forming a human chain in front of it, as the APC was moving towards the city center.

The video posted on YouTube clearly shows the spontaneous move to protect their city from what they call “Kiev's junta” through self-sacrifice and not being afraid of getting squashed by the multi-ton machine.

That particular APC managed to get away through the crowd shooting warning shots.

However, in another similar incident, citizens captured the armored vehicle. While about half a dozen people blocked the vehicle's path, a few activists climbed on top of the machine trying to penetrate the hatch and halt Kiev’s troop advancement.

As the takeover of the APC was at full swing, a shot was fired, hitting the side of a nearby residential building. No one was injured during the takeover.

People climb an armored vehicle captured after Ukrainian forces attacked police headquarters in Mariupol. May 9, 2014.(Reuters / Marko Djurica)

Once the activists captured the vehicle, a massive industrial truck towed it to the main square of the city as a trophy over what the locals call “Nazi” government forces. A small victory on the 69th Anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany.

Other scenes around the city also show hundreds of peaceful citizens surrounding heavy armored units. Many unarmed citizens screamed “fascists” at the passing soldiers and APC column as Kiev unleashed a bloody crackdown against its own people in the east of the country.

A disturbing video from RT’s Ruptly video agency shows the havoc caused by armored vehicles shooting their way through Mariupol.

At least 20 “terrorists” – as Kiev authorities now dub the citizens of southeastern Ukraine – were killed and four more were taken captive, according to acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. According to Mariupol health officials, at least 7 people have been killed and 39 injured, including RT’s stringer who is now in hospital.