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1 Aug, 2008 10:46

Water and spas inspire health tourist boom in Stavropol region

The Africa Israel Development company plans to invest up to 200 million dollars in the South of Russia. That's part of a strategy to improve Russia's holiday resorts, as more tourists flock to the cities of Stavropol region.

The revival of Russia`s tourism industry starts not only on the Black Sea coast, but in the Stavropol region. For decades this region of Russia was famous for what people called a magical property of its water. Only a decade ago most of the sanatoria in this region were close to being shut down. The reason was simple – a lack of tourists. But the government has launched a program to support the dying industry. According to the head of the medical department at one of the oldest sanatoria Marina Zavidnaya- this program has achieved its goal with the arrival of the first tourists.

The flow of tourists is growing and unfortunately sometimes we don’t have an opportunity to accommodate everybody during high tourist season.  We have guests coming from CIS countries and from abroad.

Zori Stavropolya is already 25 years old. A one day stay costs about 40 dollars, including medical treatment. A price which offers great value. In this sanatorium here in Piategorsk people come for really special treatments at a much lower price then they would pay elsewhere.

However while the region is developing quite fast, more and more luxury complexes are being launched. Spa Plaza is one of the projects by AfricaIsrael Developments.  It is worth up to 50 million dollars and one night could cost up to 200 dollars.

The general manager of spa plaza hotel, Nakhum Keren, believes the demand for luxury resorts is growing strongly in the region and is looking to expand.

We will open each year one or two projects.  Next year we will open two of these projects.

Indeed, the region is aiming at corporate clients. While more budget tourists are coming here, corporate clients are catching up.
Aeroflot, Gazptom, Utair and others are already sending their employees here. And this is the path that other companies are likely to follow.