Visa-less TNK-BP chief called for questioning

Russian prosecutors have summoned TNK-BP boss, Robert Dudley, to answer allegations of labour law violations at the Russo-British oil company. However, the American CEO has already left the country because his visa has expired. A representative will appe

The authorities refused to renew his visa, saying he did not have a valid work contract at the Anglo-Russian oil firm.

Marina Dracheva, a spokeswoman for TNK-BP, said Moscow prosecutors had ordered Dudley to appear on Monday. She didn't comment on possible charges.

Russian shareholders, who own 50 per cent of the company, have denied they want control over TNK-BP.  But they have been insisting on a new CEO, who they say would manage the company in the interests of all involved.

The BP-appointed American CEO has been accused by Russian owners (the AAR consortium) of running the company in the interests only of BP.