Ukraine gas consumption down bothers russian producer

Russian gas major Gazprom is concerned over Ukraine’s plans to cut the amount of gas it will consume. Kiev has already reduced consumption by a third since the beginning of the year.

Ukraine is reportedly planning to take 27 billion cubic meters of gas (SCM) instead of 52 billion it has contracted for.

According to Russia’s Fuel Dispatching Department  about 44.7 billion SCM were imported to Ukraine in 2011. At the end of 2011 Ukraine was taking 100-110mln SCM daily, but since January, 1 it fell to 33.3mln SCM.

“Gazprom is concerned with today’s statements that Ukraine is going to take less gas than required by contract”, says Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller. “Ukraine made this statement without negotiating with Russia, we haven’t made any amendments to the contract”, he added.

Mr Miller stressed the use-it or lose-it contract is valid until 2019 and Ukraine hasn’t proposed any changes yet. “Our Ukrainian friends are still talking, but don’t make any concrete proposals”, he said.