Coke and Pepsi accused of cheating in UAE

The Coca Cola can
Black gold is leaving the United Arab Emirates. But we’re not talking oil - the consumer protection department at the UAE Ministry of Economy says Coca Cola and Pepsi have just one month to take all 300 ml cans off the shelves.

­The department accuses the world’s two largest soft drinks makers of violating consumer rights by selling these cans for the price of 330ml and 350 ml sizes. Plus, the manufacturers fail to provide a list of ingredients in Arabic.

Distributors insist the 300ml cans are only sold in restaurants and hotels, where prices are usually higher than average market prices. But the decision means the smaller cans must now go from everywhere, including all leisure facilities. As of next month, Pepsi can only come in 355 ml sizes, and Coke in 330ml.

“Until we obtain a clearer picture from our meetings with both companies, there will be no penalties, and we will be satisfied with the withdrawal of the products,” Mr. Al Nuaimi, head of the consumer protection department, told Emirates News Agency.