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23 Aug, 2010 10:43

Russia eases bureaucracy for foreigners interested in Skolkovo

The innovative Russian government project “Innograd Skolkovo” is increasingly luring the attention of foreign high technology corporations, since steps in simplifying the organizational process have been made.

In addition, these simplification steps have officially become government regulations.

According to the government regulation concerning the visa terms and registration procedure for highly qualified specialists applying to work with the Skolkovo projects posted on August 20, the candidates approved by the employer as a highly qualified specialists will be applicable for a three-year Russian visa and will initially get a single 30-day business visa after handing in an application – if they are coming to the country for talks.

Head of the Duma committee for constitutional legislation and state construction Vladimir Pligin is upbeat about the legislative amendments, saying that it will help to replenish the ranks of qualified specialists for further development of Russia’s innovative strategy.

“The proposed changes remove bureaucratic barriers, and I believe it helps to attract intellectual assets to our country and, in particular, to the Skolkovo Research Center,” Pligin noted.

Finam Management MC Leading Expert Dmitry Baranov said that, despite the relief of procedure for the recruitment of foreigners, the companies are not rushing to employ highly-paid foreigners.

“There is a huge interest in foreign experts with practical and intellectual experience from the Russian side to develop and build innovative institutions at a lower risk. However, the evidence of foreign specialist employment by Russian companies or international corporations for Skolkovo projects is dependent on particular issues and conditions such as high salary level for specialists amounted to $5,600 or more a month and high quality of life which has to be provided by the employer.”

Analysts account for a significant contribution that highly qualified foreign specialists can make assuming improved conditions for work in Russia, though to have an opportunity for work in Russia, the government has to raise support for employers and provide both sides with benefits.