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1 Oct, 2010 07:04

Shakespeare and cows another Saratov innovation

A Russian farmer has claimed spectacular increases in milk production with his new, 'caring' approach to cows. At Marx, in the Saratov region, however, it is part of a culture of business innovation.

‘Why, then the world’s mine oyster, which I with sword will open.’

Reading Shakespeare and massage are shown to boost milk production. But each only raises output around 4%. The Trudovoy dairy says it’s developed a holistic approach, which produces gains in double digits. The Chief Executive, Sergey Baizuldinov, says the secret is in providing the right bovine experience.

“We do everything to make our cows happy. These automatic milkers are so comfortable, they can’t wait to get in. They can get a rubdown, from special bovine brushes. Our cows also wear collars which tell the computer when they’re getting frisky. That means they want milking. And they can wander in and out as they like. We even harvest our own feed, so they get the freshest diet.”

Russia's leader Dmitry Medvedev was so moved, he gave the plant a pat on the back.

“Towns in the area are named after heroes of communism, but they’re earning fame for their top entrepreneurs.”

Marx also hosts the country’s chief electronic display producer, Incotex. Last week an English firm here launched a world-class gas and crude refinery. The young innovator oiling the wheels is Saratov Region Investment Minister, Irina Blokhina.

“Saratov’s the most progressive region in Russia for investors. Several startup taxes have been scrapped. We also provide a one-stop shop for foreign firms, where we help solve all their questions. “

Thanks to state incentives, the dairy now plans to further beef up facilities. That should yield even greater results from the thousands of udderly pampered cows.