Seasonal duties are answer to jet fuel prices - Federal Anti Monopoly Service

Special seasonal duties on jet fuel could help to avoid the recent sharp jump in prices – according to the head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service Igor Artemviev. He says that current duties are too low, which makes it more profitable to sell

Artemiev spoke with RT about fuel prices, saying

Prices of oil products in Russia should always be lower then in the markets of the European Union.  Currently,prices on the domestic market are half those in the EU countries. However we believe they should be even lower. Esecially it concerns kerosene and diesel. I think we are making a mistake with current export duties. They are too low, which makes it more profitable for energy companies to sell their products abroad. We need to implement seasonal duties on diesel fuel which will prevent the flow of fuel exports. Since the fifth of July we have sent almost 20 different cases to the court. We are investigating all of them.

He added, when asked about punishments if companies are found guilty,

The most important thing is that if they do not agree to lower their prices, which would help to lower their fine, they will have to pay very high sanctions, up to 15 per cent of annual turnover.