Russia’s Power Machines sparks to life in Iraq

Russia’s leading power engineering firm has resumed equipment supplies to a huge Iraqi hydroelectric project after finance was approved by the country’s Energy Ministry. Power Machines Company is now free to supply the Iraqi Al Adaim power plant in Iraq’s

Twin hydroelectric turbines spinning two hydroelectric generators will be supplied.

Power Machines will also do all the assembly, installation and starting activities on the plant. The owner of the project on the Iraqi side is going to be General Electric Projects Company of the Energy Ministry of Iraq.

Though signed back in 2001, the contract was put on hold in 2003 and shipping of equipment was halted due to the American military operation in Iraq. 

During these 5 years the equipment was kept in storage in Russia. The equipment will be shipped to Iraq in November this year.

Al Adaim hydroelectric power plant in Iraq should be operating in July 2010.