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15 Mar, 2010 08:05

Rusnano looks to Asia for investment

Rusnano is looking for joint investment opportunities with Asian nanotechnology firms. Executives from Russia’s high tech champion have gone to Singapore in search of manufacturing partners.

“If you have the cutting edge technology then we have the funding for you”. That is the message the Rusnano team, headed by CEO Anatoly Chubais, brought to Singapore-based nanotech firms.

Rusnano is targeting sales of $27 billion by 2015 and a sizable part of that figure could roll off the production lines of Asian counterparts.

Aleksandr Losyukov, Deputy Director General of Rusnano, said Singapore offers what the company is looking for.

“Singapore has managed to create a very successful system and it is very interesting for us to scrutinize this system and that is why we are here. We are necessarily doing something, inviting private co-investing and Singapore is also the financial center of Asia so this is exactly the place to try and find it.”

In 2009 trade volume between the two countries reached about $2.7 billion. Singaporean firms are now looking to corporations such as Rusnano to achieve their market potential, says Nanoglobe Managing Director, Lerwen Liu.

“Singapore has state of the art R&D infrastructure and great manpower and it can attract all the brightest students and provide platform solutions in nano-technology. But we don’t have manufacturing ability for nano-technology. So, we need partners to do application development and manufacturing processes and co-financing.”

That could include help to establish Singaporean firms in Russia, and access to Rusnano’s network of technological partners.

As Russia promotes innovation, it is at the same time reaching out to Asian for business partners. In Singapore, it has found one: A country that already has already has the science, and which is keen to collaborate on production and which is keen to make nanotechnology a reality.