Rusal Nominates Prokhorov for Norilsk Nickel board

Rusal Nominates Prokhorov for Norilsk Nickel board
Rusal has nominated former major Norilsk Nickel shareholder Mikhail Prokhorov for a place on the Norilsk Nickel board.

Prokhorov, who sold his stake in the world largest nickel miner to Rusal earlier this year, has been nominated by the company, along with Rusal CEO Alexander Bulygin, deputy CEO Valery Matvienko, board members Vladislav Soloviev and Dmitry Afanasyev, and investment management director Maxim Sokov.

A new board will be chosen for Norilsk, on December 26, in the wake of the resolution of a long running dispute between major shareholders, Oleg Deripaska’s Rusal, and Vladimir Potanin’s Interros group. The board is expected to include 4 nominations from Interros and 4 from Rusal with 3 independent members, including one representative from the State.
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