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3 Sep, 2008 02:52

Powerful new Intel chip begs how much do laptop users need?

A portable computer chip has been unveiled to the public in Moscow. The chip is so powerful it can play the latest video games without freezing. But its manufacturers admit many people don't need the most sophisticated machines, with a range of competito

Chipmaker Intel is showing off the new Centrino 2 mobile processor. Laptops usually struggle with the spectacular effects of the latest computer games. But this is the world's first mobile chip with four processing cores and Intel guarantees no more infuriating screen freezes according to Carlos Morales, Vice president of Intel Europe.

“Yes absolutely, and we saw it also on the blu-ray films players, you don't see any hiccups or whatever, it's like watching it in a great high-definition environment.”

But do you need it? For just $320 you can buy this Asus EEEPC4G. The travelling businessman can carry presentations, music and photos for less than a kilo. The Presario C799ER also handles films and many games. With its two processing cores this laptop sets you back $720.

The top-of-the-range Samsung NP-R560 with Centrino 2 costs $1,130. But it's smooth on deliciously rich video games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R, set in post-holocaust Chernobyl. Andrey Zorin, computer expert, at Russia's biggest electronics retailer, Eldorado, says that makes it popular even with people who can't afford it.

“Around two-thirds of customers ask for laptops which handle the latest games. They're a lot more expensive and are usually bought on credit.”
So you've got your laptop. Now all you have to choose is a printer, software, carry case and accessories.