New Polish cabinet ends old conflict with Russia

Russia is one step closer to joining the powerful OECD club, after Poland backed it's bid. In a another promising sign of a revival in the relationship, the new Polish Prime Minister shocked the country's President by lifting a block on Russia joining.

Russia has been trying to join the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development since 1996 but Poland had been stopping talks on the grounds that Russia did not meet the needed qualifications.

But the new government, which has committed itself to stronger ties with Russia has backed Russia’s membership.

Polish President Lech Kaczynski was surprised at the cabinet’s warming to Russia, and also concerned that his office was not consulted on the issue.

Warsaw's change of heart does not mean Russia will be able to join the OECD overnight as membership talks can last for years.
The move is likely to improve Warsaw and Moscow relations, which suffered under the previous Polish administration.