Mixing business with pleasure

A famous London bar has found a unique way of attracting customers. The strength of cocktails at “Potemkin”, near the City, is linked to how well Russian companies are doing on the London Stock Exchange.

Customers can taste mixed drinks with names like Tatneft, Rostelecom, Evraz, Norilsk Nikel and Surgutneft.

And the amount of vodka in their drink depends on how well the company in question is performing that day.

Roger Shashua, who had the idea, wants to teach people about the success of Russian companies in London, and attract British companies to invest in Russia.

“We thought of the idea of making ”Dancing with the Bear“ cocktails. And the idea was to attract attention of people in England that the Russian companies, the big ones, are very active on the London Stock Exchange. But there are no British companies on the Moscow Stock Exchange and that is a shame. There is great opportunity in Russia. People should go quickly to the regions of Russia and invest. and do extremely well. And that is why we came up with this,”  Roger Shashua explained.