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27 Aug, 2007 04:37

MAKS 2007 lags behind others and itself

The total value of contracts signed at the MAKS 2007 air show, coming to $US 1.5 BLN, left it far behind its European competitors – Le Bourget in France and Britain’s Farnborough.

At Farnborough 2006, the contract portfolio was about $US 38 BLN and Le Bourget this year reached $US 100 BLN.
This leaves MAKS even trailing itself – two years ago the total was $US 4 BLN.
Meanwhile, Ilyushin Finance was the leader this year as the company signed contracts worth $US 1 BLN.
The best selling product was the mid-range Tupolev Tu-204 – six planes were ordered by the Russian low-cost airline Red Wings, and Iran Air Tours bought another five.
Ilyushin Finance also sold six Antonov An-148s to Rossiya airlines worth $US 130 MLN and is optimistic about future path of sales.
As for military deals, Rosoboronexport reached agreement with Indonesia to sell six Sukhoi fighters, but the contract has yet to be signed.
The only firm deal on the military side is MIG’s agreement with Kazakhstan and Poland to modernise their MIG-29 fighters.
Nevertheless, organisers say success is not only measured by deals, but also business contacts.
That seems to have worked, despite the huge traffic jams on the way to Zhukovsky this year.