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13 Oct, 2008 21:47

Let the market do its job

Amid the financial turmoil, the U.S. President George W. Bush daily delivers his views on the nation’s crippled economy. Those who hope to succeed him in office claim only they know how to get America off its knees. But the one winning the public trust ba

He believes the economy has to tank naturally in order to rebound quicker – otherwise the pain will be prolonged. He voted twice against the $US 700-billion dollar bailout plan the majority of Americans oppose.

Despite the cash worries hundreds pay $US 25 to hear him speak at the University of Maryland.

“Our deficits have skyrocketed. We've invaded people's privacy. We've expanded the war all over the world. We've decided we have to be in Russia’s face in Georgia, protecting our oil lines. We're just out there looking for trouble,” said Ron Paul addressing the audience.

“Save money,” he advises. “Don’t waste money, don’t’ borrow money, don't buy a car and a fancy house when you don't have the money to do it”.

Many students are in panic mode about their great future being trampled on by a great depression.

“It's quite terrifying that I’m going into a job market with all this inflation and jobs are disappearing,” admits student Zachary Stanton.

Amanda Pelletier is no less scared. One month into her first year at university, she is getting a part-time job to help her parents pay a $US 45,000 college loan. Social circles and date nights now come second for the 18-year old who sees her professional prospects collapsing.

“I feel like Dr Paul's message is the only one that makes sense,” Amanda says.

Indeed, Paul's platform of free market – less government and non-intervention foreign policy – continues to gain momentum among the electorate. During his campaign, the Republicans broke fundraising records and received more contributions from members of the armed forces than any other candidate. While the same mainstream media channels dismissing him months ago now see him as the 'go-to guy' on the economic crisis.

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