Leaders to meet on gas impasse

The Prime Ministers of Russia and Ukraine have agreed to meet this Saturday, in an effort to find a solution to the on-going gas transit dispute.

Also this Saturday a gas summit between Russia, Ukraine and European Union could take place in a European country, according to Czech ambassador Miroslav Kostelka.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko has written to Vladimir Putin guaranteeing transit gas flows to EU nations, except for 8 percent used for gas pumping. Rusenergy analyst Mikhail Krutikhin, says technical issues remain a tricky obstacle to be overcome.

“It is difficult to imagine how the entry of Russian gas on one side of the Ukrainian territory can be immediately transmitted to a re-exporting of that gas from the other side of the country, because the pressure in the pipes is one value, one property, for the whole of Ukraine, and its difficult to pass the Ukrainian territory without being intercepted by some domestic consumers. So the pressure must be kept up for the whole of he country.”