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Interview with Shiv Vikram Khemka

Interview with Shiv Vikram Khemka
Shiv Vikram Khemka, the Vice Chairman of the SUN Group, joined Russia Today to discuss the ongoing International Economic Forum in respect to Russia-India economic relations.

Russia Today: Concerning the current state of Russia's relationship with India and Indian investment group operating in Russia for some 50 years now – what is the state of the relationship and what are the major business opportunities you see going on in Russia at the moment?

Shiv Vikram Khemka: As you know, Russia has a very long and deep relationship with India which started in the 1950s, and it has been a really continuous, strong and positive relationship on a political level. On most global issues there has been agreement between the governments. Economically the relationship that was built in the Soviet era went into a bit of lapse in the 1990s, and we feel that it is gaining strength now, on the strategic level, government-to-government level and the private sector level. Areas of co-operation include science and technology, high technology, pharmaceuticals, software, energy and various other sectors.

RT: You mentioned some of the areas your group is particularly interested in. But in respect to Russia, what sectors of the economy would you say are of particular interest for your group, what sectors do you see as yielding a potential high return?

S.V.K.: We are investors in the Russian energy sector, in the real estate sector, we have been in the consumer goods sector through the 1990s, and we continue to believe very much in the consumer goods sector and in the financial services sector. We think there will be a resurgence of Russian technology. So, we look forward to investing more into high technology and research.

RT: This forum brings together some ten leaders from the CIS countries. Which of those economies within the post-Soviet sphere does your group also see as potentially good investments?

S.V.K.: We have invested in many of the former Soviet republics, we built up in Ukraine consumer goods business, we are very positive about the long-term future of Ukraine. We are also very active in Kazakhstan and we think that there is a tremendous opportunity for growth in the most of Russia's neighbouring countries.

RT: And returning back to this forum, how would you rate this forum as a really protocol platform with which one can find investors and partners and generally move forward with business?

S.V.K.: I think it has been a tremendous forum this year. I have been attending it for many years and I think that this year is the best version. You have done a tremendous job not only attracting very high-level participants, but also putting a group of Russians together here that are starting to work globally and are looking for partnerships with global partners on the Russian market. So, we are very excited and we think you have done an excellent job.