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Interview with Andrey Stroev

Andrey Stroev, CEO of Krasnaya Polyana ski resort, joined RT in Sochi to speak on the future 2014 Winter Olympics and the role of the Krasnaya Polyana ski resort is going to play in it.

Russia Today: Sochi and particularly Krasnaya Polyana ski resort has already received large sums of money towards improving the infrastructure there in order to host the 2014 Olympic Games. What has brought you to the forum this year, you are here trying to get more investments?

Andrey Stroev: Sure, absolutely, you have just said about kind of pouring of investments into Sochi region, that is absolutely correct. But this has been done so far mainly from the governmental sources, from the state budget. However, the main objective of this economic investment forum is to bring the attention of private investors, private companies to come to Sochi and to establish their business associated, of course, with investments on Sochi land.

RT: And of course, one of the key things coming out of Vladimir Putin’s address earlier, is the appeal for private investors to come to Russia.

A.S.: Absolutely, that is right.

RT: The question on everyone’s lip is how are preparations for the Sochi Winter Olympics going? Are things going to be ready by 2014?

A.S.: I am absolutely sure of that. I think everyone who is attending this investment forum here in Sochi also received additional assurance that it will be done right on time.

RT: Looking ahead after 2014, what happens out of that? Krasnaya Polyana is not just a ski resort, is it? What is going to happen to all that money that has been generated in it for the Olympic Games?

A.S.: As a matter of fact, the main objective is real estate development, city development, infrastructure development. The region is not just to prepare for the Sochi Olympics 2014. The main goal is to create a new resort area for the Russian Federation because this is, in fact, the only resort which exists on the territory of the Russian Federation which has such amenities as the Black Sea and, at the same time, it's a wonderful ski resort. For instance, our company is developing simultaneously three resorts in one package, so to say: this is a ski resort, golf resort and a seaside resort. So, of course it is not entirely for the Olympics 2014. Of course it is much larger, much wider.

RT: So, Krasnaya Polyana is offering entertainment for all seasons for many years to come, not just 2014?

A.S.: Absolutely correct.